About us

3GNS shall be the preferred strategic partner for Network Operators and System Suppliers for network installations, operations and maintenance services in the Nordic market. We will reach that position by being flexible, responsive and entrepreneurial not setting quality aspects aside.

The company was founded in 2003 and has been awarded several times since.

  • EY Entrepreneur of the year 2006
  • Guldbolag, Trippel V of Valuation, year 2011
  • Huawei as the CEE Collaborator of the Year 2013
  • Huawei as Global Collaborator of the Year 2014
  • Huawei CEE Best cooperative Award 2015
  • Huawei CEE Excellent Cooperative Award 2016
  • Huawei CEE Cooperative Award 2017

3GNS head quarter is located in Kista, Stockholm and we are represented all over Sweden and have a daughter company in Warsaw, Poland. Our company is affiliative to the collective bargaining agreement Almega Telekom.

We are a certified cooling company (INCERT) and registered as a power installation company at Elsäkerhetsverket. The majority of our staff is certified for mast- , subway- and tunnel work.

3GNS is a part of MW Group.

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PM Datacenter Installation Services

Our Customers

Our EHS Policy

Environmental Health and Safety Policy for 3GNS Telecom Group

Within 3GNS Telecom Group we provide service activities such as field services and installation services in the telecommunications / data communications area and related similar services.

Our service deliveries involves a number of major and minor occupational hazards such as working on heights and a lot of driving, but we are able to meet the requirements of the operations set out in laws and government regulations. We are aware of our work environment responsibility and monitor this responsibility so that we comply with regulations and current standards with a good margin.

The working environment of 3GNS Telecom Group should not expose employees to health hazards or accidents, and the work environment in our workplace shall be good considering the nature of the work.

A pleasant and desirable work environment is an environment that is so good that every employee thrives and develops in his work. It is also an environment that minimizes risks. Therefore, an honest and open mind should be advised at our workplaces and all employees and consultants should be given the opportunity to influence their own work situation openly as well as anonymously. We see a good and pleasant working environment as one of the prerequisites for our ability to be productive and competitive, as well as having greater opportunities to recruit new qualified employees.

Managers and work / team leaders are responsible for such work environment and external
environmental issues directly influenced by the various decisions they make. The responsibility lies within the ability to create as good a working environment as possible, and the nearest senior manager is to be informed when the powers are not enough.

In addition, every employee should show personal responsibility for health and the environment in daily work. It is up to everyone to pay attention to and immediately report any risks or threats to a good work environment. Each employee’s responsibility also includes compliance with the policies, instructions and routines established for health and safety reasons.

In case of new investments, renovations, new projects or other changes in the business, work
environment and environmental issues should be discussed, the risks examined and the consequences assessed in cooperation with the employees this way actions can be taken to prevent negative effects and minimize risks to the work environment as far as possible.

Some occupational health and safety problems may be such that technical, medical or psychosocial expertise needs to be hired. In such cases the necessary measures shall be taken to the extent possible.

As the nature of the work is in some cases risky, risk assessments must be carried out.

Certain tasks are associated with requirements for specific skills and certification. It is 3GNS executives and work / team leaders who will ensure that necessary personal certificates are obtained and that individual training requirement are met.

At 3GNS Telecom Group, we have established a specific Safety Committee to drive the systematic work environment procedures (SAM) forward, a group consisting of managers, employer representatives and specialist employees.

Our Quality Policy

Quality means for 3GNS AB to deliver services that meet our customers’ demands and expectations.

The company shall have clear and simple working practices with customers, suppliers and other partners. This in turn leads to long-term customer relations.

Quality also means that the company has competent employees who understand how they contribute to maintaining high quality services.

The company will work on quality by continuously developing and improving operations to offer cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Each customer and project shall be a good reference, which leads to increased profitability for 3GNS AB.

Our Environment Policy

Environmental Policy 3GNS AB

3GNS AB shall comply with all applicable environmental rules and act in ways that will create a sustainable society. 3GNS AB is aware of the global environmental issues and our possibilities to influence, both directly and indirectly.


We shall always take environmental aspects into consideration when purchasing goods and services, for example computers and movables. The environmental policy of the supplier shall also be taken into consideration when making a purchase decision.


Our customers decide what measures the want to take in order to contribute to a better environment, but we shall propose improvements when suitable.


We shall continuously strive to reduce transports in association with customer assignments and similar. When choosing means of transport we shall always look for the most environmentally friendly one and only use a company car when using a more environmentally friendly option would cause considerable inconvenience. When choosing new company cars environmental aspects shall have a particular influence on the decision. For transports to and from work employees shall be encouraged to walk, bike or use public transports.

Consumable Supplies

3GNS AB shall strive to reduce the use of consumable supplies, for instance by sending documents, invoices, tenders and similar electronically and by avoiding disposable articles. Before printing a document we shall consider if we must have it in printed form and if we need as many copies as we are printing. Consumable supplies and packages shall be recycled. Glass, metal, batteries, electronic equipment and returnable cans shall also be recycled. The company shall use environmentally certified products as much as possible.


For functional reasons electronic equipment sometimes must be switched on at all times. We shall, however, continuously try to reduce the consumption of energy for computer devices as well as for all other energy-intensive equipment used in the business. Lighting shall be of the energy saving kind and light shall be turned out in empty rooms.

Demands from authorities

We shall comply with acts and statutes and also co-operate with authorities and organisations so that our actions are in accordance with the environmental goals.

Committed employees

3GNS AB shall inform employees, customers and partners/suppliers about our environmental policy and create a commitment for these issues. Proposals of improvement regarding environmentally issues are welcome from anyone in the company. We shall constantly strive to improve our work with environmental issues in order to be able to be certified according to ISO 14001 if that should be required.

Responsibility and organisation

The CEO has the overall responsibility for environmental issues at 3GNS AB. The HR Manager is responsible for updating documents and information. All employees are responsible for following regulations and agreements. An action plan regarding environmental issues shall be made every year and it shall be followed up at regular meetings.