Cooling & Ventilation

Cooling and ventilation is a crucial part of the infrastructure in a communications network to maintain high quality of operations.

3GNS have invested in the development of that knowledge and provides several different services related to maintaining good temperatures on site.

Design and dimension cooling and ventilation solutions

3GNS have internal capabilities to help you to dimension ventilation and cooling capacity needed for equipment rooms and sites as well as proposing suitable cooling solutions. We work with split and free cooling systems as well as with modern passive thermo siphone solutions.

Trouble shooting

A broken cooling system quickly causes electronic equipment to perform worse due to temperature increase.

3GNS offer services and solutions for quick trouble shooting, repair and set-up of temporary solutions.


As a natural part of our field services we work with cooling system installations and are certified as a cooling company with category 1 certified cooling technicians. We do installations of smaller to medium sized plants.

Yearly inspections

After the new EU regulations setting requirements of yearly inspections of cooling systems containing CO2 eqvivalents up to 5 ton we have developed a yearly control service where we visit sites and perform necessary controls and registrations.

Periodic maintenance

All cooling systems perform as they are being maintained. Dirty filters, ice, clogged drainage, fans are all subjects for cooling break down. 3GNS can offer periodic maintenance services based on best practice where cooling equipment is inspected, cleaned, changed filters and tested for leakage.