Field Services

3GNS Field Service covers all of Sweden and the organization works around the clock 365 days per year. This gives us the opportunity to offer flexible service solutions tailored by the customer needs and service levels required.

Corrective maintenance – Trouble shooting

3GNS field organization performs various types of fault investigation and repair services based on work orders.

We have developed field service solutions for both mobile- and broadband networks and are used to work under tight service level agreements.

Periodic maintenance – Regular inspections

In all communication networks there are requirements on periodic maintenance to keep equipment and infrastructure in good condition.

3GNS have developed services for periodic maintenance on power systems, shelter infrastructure, communications equipment, mast and towers, cooling and ventilation systems.

We can maintain all or parts of a network.

Site maintenance

As a complementary service 3GNS can also take care of the site infrastructure operations related power system, cooling and ventilation systems, external alarms, shelter, rigging constructions and mast safety system.

We can install new, swap old or repair broken systems as well as handle all related administration.

Drive testing

3GNS can perform various types of drive testing either in the trouble shooting process or as support in radio optimization activities together with radio planners. We can also tailor the service to include a first level of fault investigation.

Dispatching and coordination of field resources

3GNS can offer central coordination and work order dispatching services against SLAs of any field organization with own or customer administrative tools. 3GNS knows BMC Remedy, Huawei OWS and are familiar with the ITIL work processes.

Antenna system and Interference Analysis

This service category is focused on measurements and analysis of antenna systems and radio spectrum. 3GNS have up until today performed more than 600+ passive intermodulation (PIM)analysis/corrections and 100+ spectrum/interference analyses.