Network Implementation

We are committed to provide clients with efficient and professional telecom network implementation starting from pre-installation phase with necessary planning and going through installation, commissioning and integration. Ensuring that we have qualified personnel and quality control present during entire implementation process positioned us as one of the major network roll out partners in Nordic region.

Project design and construction of Wireless Networks

  • Design of RBS placement on existing constructions
  • As built documentation
  • Site design (Technical site solutions, Auto Cad drawings)

RBS installation and commissioning

  • RBS Site Survey
    • Producing documents and layouts in compliance with Customer requirement
    • Solutions for antenna placements and cable routings
    • Specifying material quantities
    • Providing detailed site survey reports
  • Indoor RBS installation
    • Installation of RBS Rack and Micro/Macro RBS
    • Installation of indoor antennas and feeders within buildings
    • Labelling all cables and antennas
    • Preparing all necessary measurements and reports
  • Outdoor RBS installation
    • Installation or swap of antennas and RRU’s
    • Installation of cables (fibre/DC power) for DBS system
    • Preparing all necessary measurements and reports

Microwave links installation

  • Performing ”line of site” site survey
  • MW link installation, alignment and commissioning
  • Preparing all necessary acceptance reports